Have you ever thought about the way others see you? The way you talk and move, the facial expressions which give away your true emotions, the laughter that erupts when something is truly hilarious. The quirks and habits that come naturally to you so you don’t notice until another points them out – twirling of hair, pinky sticking out whilst drinking tea, the subtle blush on hearing a compliment, gazing into space when deep in thought.

How incredible would it be to watch yourself from someone else’s eyes? To view yourself as a whole other person, someone who is living and breathing, one who is alive and feeling real emotions. To see yourself as someone you could be friends with, someone whose company you would enjoy, maybe someone whose personality glows when they speak.

Sadly, this is impossible. It is only through the interactions with others that you can find out things about yourself. Unless there is an individual who can tell you all the little things you do, someone who is close enough to tell you the truth without hurting you. A friend with which you can be the most honest version of you.

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