Why is that we are curious about the reasoning behind things? Why do we ask why?

Rewind back to a natural disaster and the media surrounding the event is filled with thought-provoking articles with topics such as ‘why do bad things happen to good people?’. Why is society so focused on the reasons behind something happening? Is there really an answer to all of life’s questions?

I often find myself wondering about why events happen: why I only got a C on an university essay, why I got splashed by a car while walking home, why I tripped up on my words during my solo presentation. It is in the midst of these thoughts that hatred and self-loathing arise. Where external reasons do not fully satisfy the question of why, we turn to ourselves. We analyse our every thought and decision which led up to an event, resulting in ‘I could have done that differently’ or ‘Why am I so stupid? Why did I do that?’. It is these thoughts which are unhealthy. It is this curiosity that dampens our spirits and covers us in gloom.

Don’t get me wrong, curiosity is great. Wonderful, in fact. However, it is only beneficial in the right context. Why do we make mistakes? Simply because we are human and no one person is perfect.


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