2014 is officially here!

In this day and age we are surrounded by an abundance of technology. We wake up and sleepily check our phones, we switch on our laptops and tablets to surf the net while we eat breakfast or as we journey to work. Wi-fi not working has become a major problem, as well as slow download speeds and lag. We depend so heavily on technology that we sometimes do not take into account the people around us, the natural beauties of life and the small things.

After watching the new year fireworks everyone I was with retired to the living room to check their social media (including me). We can keep in touch with others from around the world through a few taps on a smart phone, we can Face Time and see familiar faces with ease. After around 10-15 minutes everyone roused from their technology pit stop and went back to chatting and games. Technology has infused itself into our lives and is inescapable, it is everywhere we turn!

I guess we have to be careful in how we use technology, we need to learn not to abuse it but to use it almost ‘sparingly’. It’s scary how young children can swipe an iPad with ease and know how to take pictures on a camera phone. I don’t think I can say too much on this topic since I am using a laptop to write my thoughts on this blog, I am using wi-fi to post this online and I can type swiftly due to being in contact with keyboards since I was 13 years old. However it makes me wonder, what would life be like without technology?


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