Through the last few years of living away from home I have found that returning to my home town is comforting and it feels very safe. Recently I returned to my home for a short break and being back reminded me of the person I used to be.

Having moved out from the house I grew up in I realised the changes I had subtly made in myself to adapt to my new environment. I rarely get homesick, of course I miss my family and friends back at home, but living my own independent life kind of trumps that. I have a new found independence, I have no need to rely on others for food, money or transportation. I have my group of friends in my new place, a network of associates in which we all strive towards the same aim.

Thinking back to my life in this house I know that I was quiet and shy, not outgoing or very interesting, but that seems to have changed. From moving out to another city I was forced to alter my behaviour to face life in the real world. I was forced to grow up.

I am grateful for both the girl that lived in this house and the new changed girl who lives elsewhere, because together they create the well rounded girl who can cope with change.


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