Independence is a strange thing. It can be exhilarating and fresh to do whatever the heart desires, to do or not do as you please. Independence can also be sorrowful and uneasy, procrastination becomes a close friend in times of independence.

At the first sight of independence I thought ‘Great!’

I can do as I please: sleep late, wake up late, eat whatever I want at whatever time I like, go out all day, spend money, travel, explore. Seemingly endless possibilities loomed at every corner.

Reality: sleep late, wake up feeling awful having missed half a day, eat junk which makes me sluggish, go out on little sleep resulting in grumpiness, spend spend spend, no energy to travel, no motivation to explore.

Independence is a strange thing, while it is so freeing it is also restrictive, while it is packed with opportunities it is also riddled with negative outcomes. How free is too free?


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