The night is for times of solitude, for thoughts and pondering. 

I use the hours before I fall into slumber to recount how my day panned out. I recall the words I spoke to my friends/classmates/family and think about how my actions impacted on those around me. This self reflection is very important to me. This analysis helps me to develop as a person, to know what makes me tick. 

I consider what I could have done differently with my day: whether I should have left the house earlier to catch my bus, whether I needed to buy another pair of shoes, whether I should have complimented a stranger on their hairstyle. Endless possibilities arise and I find myself lost in the midst of these ‘what if’ situations. After all, the day has passed. The night has come, and soon the sun will rise again. As a new day dawns it is the perfect opportunity to start afresh, to begin again.



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