Last night I completed the Harry Potter series! The last few chapters I read so eagerly and with heavy breathing as my heart had quickened from reading the words on each page. I know how almost insane that sounds, to be so sucked into a book, to be wound up in the character’s story that it physically affected me. But that is the power of books!

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows was a thoroughly enjoyable read and a great rounding off to all the build up from previous books. I especially liked the chapter on Snape where his secret was revealed as this is poorly portrayed in the films. 


I’m glad I waited until my twenties to read this series as I feel like I can truly appreciate it more. My vocabulary has become more extensive with age so I can really understand the writing (not that the language is that difficult). With the portrayal of the book in film form ever in the back of my mind I was still able to imagine the book in my own way. As always the film version does not do the book justice!



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