Leaving deadlines to the last minute seems to be a speciality of mine. I find the added pressure of time makes me work harder though the quality of my work suffers.

Lack of motivation to start work is my main problem, the existence of the internet extends that problem to far beyond what the eye can see. I guess that’s the power of the internet, can’t live with it, can’t live without it!

Current word count: 550 words. Maximum word count: 1300 words.

I will tackle it again later with a clearer mind, going to sleep off any doubts and persevere after a well deserved sleep!

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      • Awesome! Well done 🙂
        I had the same issues when I was in school. I used to pull all-nighters and the quality of my work wasn’t half as good as I could have created, had I worked on the project over the time allotted. I also couldn’t function properly the next day. Facebook…that was always a killer.
        One time I did a report on procrastination, and naturally I procrastinated on it.
        Also, have you tried hand-writing your essays? That way you’re away from the computer with fewer distractions. That’s what I do when I write now. Just a thought.

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