I think my meticulousness worries others sometimes.

I like to keep my things in an order in certain places, I line up my knife and fork exactly parallel to each other in restaurants, and I have to fold my scarf into a neat rectangle when I take it off. I only apply lip balm with my right ring finger before wiping the excess on the back of my left hand, I cannot wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row, and I like everything on a desk to be perpendicular to the edge. My left pillow has to overlap onto my right pillow, when I see an incorrect spelling I feel the need to correct it, and I keep a 5 pence piece in the left pocket of all my coats so I can twirl it in my fingers.

Those are just a few of the strange quirks that I have. I am known for my organization, precision and for being pedantic. I don’t think these things are a hindrance to me or others, I just know how I like things to be. I won’t apologise for knowing what I like.

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