People often refer to the ‘calm before the storm’ but rarely discuss the aftermath. When a storm leaves destruction in its wake it doesn’t turn back to see what it did, it doesn’t return to fix what it broke but carries on hurting and turning everything upside down.

Now keep this analogy in your head while thinking about gossip. Gossip is a hurtful, destroying thing. It twists its way through, leaving behind pain and ruin, not caring about those it affects. It does not return nor does it turn back, its sole purpose is to spread rumours and lies. So how does this post end?

While I feel like this gossip was blown past for now I am still left with the pieces it left behind. I am struggling with the feelings and emotions that it caused me to experience, and also the hurt it caused me and my friend. How long does it take to heal from an emotional pain? How long before I can fully lift up this burden and remove it from my heart?


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