I explored Wild West street instead of revising on Friday. Student procrastination at its best!

Background: Wild West was built in 1995/1996 by Michael Faulkner as part of the ambience for a Southwestern style furniture business. Other stalls also were in the area such as ceramists and artists. The whole project took 6 months and the authentic paint effects and signs were courtesy of an employee and his girlfriend who had worked on the construction of Euro Disney.

Present day: The site is no longer used as a store but the street remains relatively intact. Some small workshops and garages use the back part of the site but the main alley or ‘street’ is mostly untouched. However, some of the original special features have been removed or vandalised (such as the saloon doors and shutters), and there is some graffiti in some parts. The area is open to the public to take pictures etc though it is not your typical well-known tourist spot. Many local Edinburgh residents don’t know this Wild West street exists, so I feel privileged to have visited in the time I have lived in Edinburgh.

Though this blog is typically not a picture blog and is focused more on my writing, I feel like if I don’t show what the Wild West street looks like then my writing will have been in vain.

SAM_4384 SAM_4393

Saloon doors used to partly cover the dark mural on the left.


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