Showering posts in abundance tonight!

I wanted to share a video that ties in with an event that happened recently.

Heartwarming Thai Commercial

It was a coincidence that I came across this video on the same day that I helped a stranger who was unloading books from her car. I saw a woman carrying a stack of books in her arms while standing next to her car boot (which was also full of books). She was parked next to an Oxfam book store and it was clear that she was donating these books to charity. As I was walking towards her I decided to ask her if she needed any help and she smiled and gladly accepted. Her husband had already taken some books in but there was still many in the car boot, so two pairs of hands made light work and the book donations were quickly done. At one point she asked me if I was okay lifting such a heavy crate of books and I replied with a cheeky, ‘Yes I’m fine, I’m young enough.’ After the donation she thanked me profusely and asked if she could give me a lift in her car anywhere, which was very sweet but I politely declined and went on my way.

I got home and watched this video and I have to admit, I shed a few tears. It got me thinking about the things other people do for us that we take for granted, and also the things people do not for recognition but simply to help fellow humankind.

I don’t post to boast of my good deeds nor did I look for any kind of recognition from the woman herself. Helping strangers gives you a feeling like no other. That kind of satisfaction is priceless.

From the video: There are some things in life that money can’t buy, a world of happiness is more important.


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