My whole family is finally back together again, these rare few days will be cherished and fully appreciated.

With myself and my younger brother away at university and my dad travelling around the country for work (with limited holidays), the days we get to spend together as a family at home are rare. Though the days are few this month, in June we will be spending two weeks on holiday in Hong Kong and Japan.

I think it is definitely something I took for granted when I was younger. I would come home from school and see my parents and brothers, we would live our lives side by side and no one would ever be away from home. Now that we’ve all grown and matured, we live our separate lives in different parts of the country and have to find time to gather together at home.

I remember in my first year of university I found it quite difficult to adjust to life away from my family and I felt homesick quite often. Now that I have just finished my third year of university and whilst I enjoy my independence, sometimes the feelings of homesickness rear their heads. I know that my family is important and I really cherish the moments we have together. I think the fact that the moments are few and short make them even more precious. Having the whole family under one roof makes me feel like I’m glowing, so I can go to bed happy and content.

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