‘What is normal? Normal is only ordinary; mediocre. Life belongs to the rare, exceptional individual who dares to be different.’

V.C. Andrews – My Sweet Audrina

I don’t want to live a life that is mediocre, a sorrowful life of ‘what ifs’, one which is filled with dull moments. When and if I get to the ripe old age of 60/70 years old, I would like to think that I can look back at my life and know I lived it to its fullest. I would like to know that I took every single opportunity given to me, that I spent crazy amounts of money to visit a friend, that I travelled because I had the time to. I don’t want to reflect and find I lived an ‘ordinary’ life.

We live in a world where we seek to fit in, where we look to be a sheep in the flock, but is it all that bad to stand out from the crowd?

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