I am thankful for my family, so very thankful. My dad left to go to Newcastle for work so our short family gathering has come to an end. I am due back in Edinburgh in 6 days so the family home will only be housing 3 members. Although the time we get to spend all together is relatively short, I have never been so grateful for these times.

A few little things that always bring a smile to my face:

  • My dad’s laugh and the way he makes lame jokes (the majority of which do not make sense).
  • My mum’s cheerfulness and dedication to her work, also how I can speak to her about anything.
  • My older brother’s talent in piano playing, it is so wonderful to wake up to the sound of music.
  • My little brother’s carefree attitude and his openness with me.

Our family shapes who we are and they are the people who mould us into responsible adults. Take the opportunity to spend time with family, while we ourselves get older we sometimes forget that our family gets older too.

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