I have a rule of texting etiquette: when you do not reply to someone within the hour, you apologise and explain the absence.

Okay, fair enough when the person has told me that they will be busy all day (or other reasons), however the people that reply hours later without giving as much as a ‘sorry’, really get on my nerves. It makes me want to not reply to them for a few hours. This sounds rather petty nevertheless it irks me.

What makes these kinds of situations worse is when I can see that the person has checked their messages yet still not replied. Does my interaction with you mean that little? Maybe it is the fact that I am home alone right now that makes people not replying affect me a lot more. Maybe I expect too much from some people.

Also currently craving birthday cake! It has been almost 2 weeks since my birthday and I guess I never stopped hoping that someone would surprise me with one. It’s not really a birthday until there is cake right? High expectations… high expectations… don’t be upset. DON’T be upset.


Sunburn sucks!

I spent a few hours in the lovely town of Sheringham on Friday. The day started off cloudy but the sun eventually emerged to make the almost 4 hour long coach ride totally worth it. To sit on the beach in the blazing sun with some of my closest friends and family, is truly a blessing. We played in the sea, skimmed rocks, played in the sand and on the large rocks, all the typical beach day things. We finished the day off eating ice cream overlooking the beautiful views. It was the type of weather where we couldn’t eat our ice creams fast enough because they were melting so quickly, something which does not happen all that often in the UK.

A last outing with those based in the Leicestershire area before I return to Edinburgh on Thursday. Laying in bed last night I couldn’t help thinking how good of a day it had been, definitely some good memories made!

However a few minutes later I rolled over onto my back and had pain across the top of my shoulders and along my back area. Never one to remember to put on sunblock… Sunburn, you got me again! Sunburn 2, Kimberly 0.


“There are two reasons why people don’t talk about things; either it doesn’t mean anything to them, or it means everything.”

Luna Adriana

For me, it’s usually the latter than the former. It takes courage to open up, to let people in, to share something which means as much as it does.


That feeling when you realise a friend knows you so much more than you thought they did is so comforting. When you have never verbally told them something about yourself yet they know it from observing your mannerisms or just through interactions.

A friendship develops over time and there are both good and bad experiences which truly test a relationship. Good friends are hard to come by, but when they do you’ll feel it and years down the line you’ll still remember how you met, the first words you spoke and all that kind of stuff.

I recently attended one of my oldest and closest friend’s graduations and I have never felt so proud. To grow up together and to be able to share that moment with him was so touching, and it meant a lot to us both. We have experienced all emotions together: sadness, anger, confusion, despair, anxiety, happiness, and it all led us to the point of friendship that we are at today. Sometimes it is like he knows me better than I know myself and for that I am grateful. Sometimes just a look or a smile is enough.

I am thankful for friends and for those who make the effort with me, those who take the time to understand my personality.


It is one of those nights: my eyes are blinking slower and slower yet the thoughts in my head are swirling faster and faster.

Current thoughts?

  • I am proud of so many of my friends this week; it has been graduations galore!
  • I am unprepared to go back home later today.
  • I have so much to do yet so little time to do it in.
  • Writing down my thoughts seems to make things a little better.


Header change!

Photo was taken in Dunbars Close Garden in Edinburgh; located in Canongate.

Dunbars Close Garden is a series of small gardens laid out in the style of 17th Century gardens and aims to capture the atmosphere of Edinburgh three centuries ago.

I stumbled across this place on one of my exploratory walks around Edinburgh. I originally walked past the sign post pointing into the gardens, but curiosity got the better of me and I turned back and went in. It is fairly hidden away due to its location which makes it somewhat of a gem. A quiet area with benches and seating, the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of Edinburgh.


Through the course of this week I have realised many things, but my biggest revelation is this: I have no idea what career path I am going to take after I graduate.

Having spoken to a lot of friends and relatives this week a question that frequently came up was, “What do you want to do after you graduate?” and the answer I gave was either, “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure yet”.

Whilst a Criminology degree has a variety of different routes for employment I have never really given it that much thought. I have breezed my way through 3 years of university studying without really thinking past the graduation stage. I realise that as my last year of studying approaches, I need to really consider my options. That has become my aim for this next academic year: find my calling.

After attending my closest friend’s graduation yesterday it hit me that in one year from now, that will hopefully be me. The robe, the scroll, the awkward walk across the stage, the whole lot! It is an intimidating thought but as long as I keep to my aim, it should hopefully spur me on to reach that goal of graduation.