I am officially back in the UK! My family and I arrived back from Hong Kong (with a quick stop over in Dubai) at 06:03 this morning. After a bite to eat in an attempt to reset my body clock and convince myself it was in fact morning, I ended up napping for 5 hours.

I am currently feeling not too tired or groggy but I can see myself crashing on the sofa in a few hours time.

It is good to be back home after 3 weeks away, and as much as I love being on holiday it really does take its toll. I have insect bites from Tennoji Park in Osaka, Japan, peeling sunburn from Ap Chau, Hong Kong, and sleep deprivation from 3 weeks of not sleeping in my own bed. Being out and about everyday is all well and fun however rest and relaxation at home is also not too bad.


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