I miss Japan.

  • I miss its modern skyscrapers mixed in with the old architecture and gardens.
  • I miss the politeness of shopkeepers and assistants (they bow, graciously accept your money on a tray when you pay, and their thank yous are so genuine).
  • I miss the synchronised welcome of all the chefs and wait staff when you enter a sushi restaurant.
  • I miss the cleanliness of the toilets (everything is so clean and white!).
  • I miss sushi buffets where each plate is worth the equivalent of 60p+ (and so fresh).
  • I miss the boutiques tucked away in underground shopping malls.
  • I miss the 11:00-21:00 store opening times.
  • I miss the many Uniqlo stores.
  • I miss the subway system as it’s so easy and efficient to travel around.
  • I miss walking around Osaka all day long.
  • I miss walking up and down Shinsaibashi, it has restaurants, street food, desserts, shops, the lot!
  • I miss Dotonbori’s busy riverside and restaurants.
  • I miss the Family Marts on every corner.
  • I miss the polite way in which all Japanese people interact (queues are orderly, small bows of thanks are frequent, no one bumps into you).
  • I miss the tranquillity and stillness of Tennoji Park.
  • I miss the views of the whole city from the top of the Tempozan Ferris Wheel.
  • I miss the sea breeze from standing at the port on the waterfront.
  • I miss the currency, the coins are so interesting! And holding 10,000 yen in one note feels good too.
  • I miss the baked cheesecakes.
  • I miss the baskets that restaurants give you to put your handbag/rucksack in so it doesn’t get in the way of the wait staff or yourself.

I definitely want to visit Japan again one day. Osaka is such a beautiful city and the five days we spent over there were so packed yet we barely made a dent in the mass of things to do there.


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  1. Oh I forgot about the tape on the bags! I really liked that too. Not so much the clown though, the giant billboards and food advertisements were so much to take in!

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