It’s funny how much has changed since being in high school. The things that seemed most important to me then now have no special significance to me now. I watched a video recently where Youtubers discussed the issue of young people not finding themselves and discovering their true identities till they turned 22 years old. 22 is the age where the majority of youths have finished studying at university, have gotten their degree and are making a start in their working life as an adult.

In the video they also spoke about how the people back in high school who seemed cool and popular tend to be the ones in their adult lives who don’t succeed as much as those deemed ‘uncool’ back then. This takes the issue back to what is deemed important in high school.

High school is a place where, whether you like it or not, popularity counts for something. Luckily, being cool in high school doesn’t count for anything in the real world. Some people find it hard to transition from that safety bubble of popularity within a school setting to the adult society where no one cares if you were prom queen. What happens in high school doesn’t define us, what does make us who we are is the effort and hard work we put in to make our lives what we want them to be.


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