That feeling when you realise a friend knows you so much more than you thought they did is so comforting. When you have never verbally told them something about yourself yet they know it from observing your mannerisms or just through interactions.

A friendship develops over time and there are both good and bad experiences which truly test a relationship. Good friends are hard to come by, but when they do you’ll feel it and years down the line you’ll still remember how you met, the first words you spoke and all that kind of stuff.

I recently attended one of my oldest and closest friend’s graduations and I have never felt so proud. To grow up together and to be able to share that moment with him was so touching, and it meant a lot to us both. We have experienced all emotions together: sadness, anger, confusion, despair, anxiety, happiness, and it all led us to the point of friendship that we are at today. Sometimes it is like he knows me better than I know myself and for that I am grateful. Sometimes just a look or a smile is enough.

I am thankful for friends and for those who make the effort with me, those who take the time to understand my personality.


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