Sunburn sucks!

I spent a few hours in the lovely town of Sheringham on Friday. The day started off cloudy but the sun eventually emerged to make the almost 4 hour long coach ride totally worth it. To sit on the beach in the blazing sun with some of my closest friends and family, is truly a blessing. We played in the sea, skimmed rocks, played in the sand and on the large rocks, all the typical beach day things. We finished the day off eating ice cream overlooking the beautiful views. It was the type of weather where we couldn’t eat our ice creams fast enough because they were melting so quickly, something which does not happen all that often in the UK.

A last outing with those based in the Leicestershire area before I return to Edinburgh on Thursday. Laying in bed last night I couldn’t help thinking how good of a day it had been, definitely some good memories made!

However a few minutes later I rolled over onto my back and had pain across the top of my shoulders and along my back area. Never one to remember to put on sunblock… Sunburn, you got me again! Sunburn 2, Kimberly 0.

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