Attention to detail is a quality I hold dearly.

Yesterday I dug a hole at the beach with my bare hands (and feet) and insisted that the sides and edges were smoothed over. I also kept referring to other people’s efforts to help me as ‘ruining it’. Seeing handprints and footprints in the sand around my hole irked me more than it should have, and people eventually left me to dig my hole in peace.

Today I am still meticulously adding information to a photo album before I post it. When I do not remember the exact details of a place that I went to or a restaurant that I ate in, I will research it until I am satisfied with my knowledge. Each photo has to be edited, sorted into chronological order and captioned appropriately.

I don’t really understand my punctilious behaviour and sometimes it can be a hindrance (especially when something requires speed), nevertheless I do ‘enjoy’ it too.


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