‘I used to think I was the strangest person in the world but then I thought there are so many people in the world, there must be someone just like me who feels bizarre and flawed in the same ways I do.’

Frida Kahlo

I am feeling rather flawed and broken today. Like when the pieces of a jigsaw do not fit correctly or when a piece is missing entirely. I want this day to pass so that a brighter new day can come upon me, and hopefully I can have a better day. One small step at a time in this journey of life.


Indulging in delicious food is such a simple ‘feel good’ action.

Often people may settle for the cheaper and worse quality food items, i.e. opting for takeaway food or junk. Sometimes it is nice to put away the fast paced lifestyle of convenience eating to settle down for a meal professionally prepared by chefs of a high calibre. Investing in quality food once in a while is my idea of a perfect evening.


Quiet days spent reading in cafes are like battery recharges.

I finished reading The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter on Sunday. I enjoyed the short albeit morbid takes on classic stories and they were all very easy reads. Some of the stories are only two pages long, so a definite recommendation for a busy individual.

I started reading An Abundance Of Katherines by John Green and I like it so far. I enjoy how John Green writes and though his writing sometimes seems aimed at younger YAs, I think they can also be applicable to those older too.


  • I miss driving along the LA highways with my friends.
  • I miss driving towards the magnificent blue sky as the blazing sun filtered in through the windscreen.
  • I miss blasting the air conditioning to cool down the car as the black leather was intensely hot.
  • I miss rifling through radio stations and listening to catchy pop songs of the 90s.
  • I miss driving a full car in the car pool lane and speeding past the other traffic.
  • I miss being on the right side of the road and being able to turn right even if the traffic light was red.

I miss LA; I really do.


My poster presentation on my Honours Project went smoothly today, thank God.

The whole session was really informal where posters from a variety of courses were stuck around the room, and staff and students had a chance to look at everyone’s projects. It was a valuable learning process and I am very glad it was not a formal oral presentation in front of the class. Another thing ticked off my list this week!

There is hope yet.


I have the tendency to worry over the smallest things which blows things way out of proportion. The mind is a funny thing. I am also prone to thinking of the worst case scenario which leads to more worries and more anxiety.

Nevertheless, my deadlines are all completed, thank God. Just my presentation to do on Friday afternoon and this cluster of stress will have dissipated.

Less worries, more confidence in myself.


‘Time is tricky. You have whole months, even years, when nothing changes a speck, when you don’t go anywhere or do anything or think one new thought. And then you can get hit with a day, or an hour, or a half a second when so much happens it’s almost like you got born all over again into some brand-new person you for damn sure never expected to meet.’

E. R. Frank – Life Is Funny

This is beautiful!


1645/2000 words of my project proposal done. Slow but steady progress is better than none.

The more I think about it, the more I panic. The more I panic, the more worked up I get about not being able to finish it on time. My solution? Do not think; just do!

Nevertheless; I will get there! I have enough sleepless or late nights under my belt to be able to handle a few more this week.


3 deadlines this week. Actually 4 but I’ve completed one of them.

Currently feeling extremely overwhelmed by my Honours Project work. Everyone keeps telling me that I can do it, and just to face things one at a time. However this is difficult to acknowledge when I have a 2000 word project proposal, final ethics draft and a poster presentation to hand in, all within two days.

Someone please tell me it gets easier? I risk falling apart under this immense pressure and waking up 7 days from now a completely broken woman.


I added 6 books to my ever-growing collection today! And while I do not usually post photos on this blog, I am a little proud of my wee hoard of books.

I read a variety of books in a variety of genres. My book taste ranges from fantasy/magical worlds to intense murder mysteries, to human behaviour studies to young adult themes. This academic year I will not really have time to read due to my dissertation work load, but I know that I will have my books to fall back on when I graduate and inevitably end up unemployed for at least a few months.

On the left are my university textbooks (which admittedly I rarely use) which currently serve as a makeshift book end. On the right are my novels in alphabetical order by author’s last names.

Most recurring authors: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock series) and John Green (various works).

Most recently purchased: American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis.

Currently reading: The Bloody Chamber And Other Stories by Angela Carter.