People look back at their twenties and say that they were the times where they felt the freest, when they had the freedom to travel and explore, to venture out before conforming to reality.

As a twenty something myself I feel like recently I have learnt to appreciate my freedom. I can take days off from university if I do not feel like going in. I can sleep in past noon, even past two or three in the afternoon. I can eat cake for breakfast and cereal for dinner. I can wear ripped jeans and short skirts which are not work-appropriate. I can take long walks around the city, sit in cafes and read, and surf the internet for hours on end. I can travel to different countries on holiday without having to take days off. I could eat out every weekend if I wanted to. I can have drinks in the middle of the day just because I feel like it.

I realise that time is of the essence. While I have my responsibilities to adhere to, I also have my freedom to do what I want. A few years down the line things will be much different. My hours to myself will lessen as I enter into the workplace, and my late nights will probably cease.

I want to look back at my twenties and know that I made the most of every opportunity, that I did not waste my free time. These memories are what fully enriched lives are made of.


Today my friends and I explored the area of Linlithgow. We went up to Linlithgow Palace and around Linlithgow Loch, where we fed the swans and geese. Afterwards we drove to South Queensferry to look at the bridges and the sea view. We ended the day with dinner and dessert with laughter and silly conversations.

It was refreshing to take my mind off university work though only for the one day. Looking out to sea always calms my heart and exploring new places eases my stress.

Thank God for amazing friends and scenic places!


Where has the common decency gone to in some people?

It is only courteous when in the presence of another person that one does not spend a considerable amount of time on their mobile phone. It is increasingly common these days that people would rather spend time looking down at their phones than having a face-to-face conversation.

If you have something that urgent to check on your mobile phone, excuse yourself and apologise. I think that especially in a one-on-one situation it is a lack of respect to the other person.

Have some manners, please.