As the end of 2014 looms and the beginning of 2015 dawns it is the perfect time to reflect on the past year and my many experiences.

  • Aberdeen trips to see my best friend (April/December)
  • Colour Me Rad run (June)
  • Hong Kong and Osaka holiday with family (June/July)
  • Birthday celebrations in Doxford Hall and Alnwick Gardens (July)
  • Friends’ graduations (July/November)
  • Sheringham day trip (July)
  • LA holiday with friends (August/September)
  • Yellowcraigs beach trip with church youths (September)
  • Linlithgow trip with friends (October)
  • Loch Voile roadtrip with friends (December)
  • Loch Leven and Loch fitty roadtrip with my boyfriend (December)
  • Cafe trips (all year round)

I have had a lot of enjoyable experiences this year and I was able to spend time with those that I hold closest to me. I was also able to visit new places and make new friends around the world. Experiences are so important in everyone’s lives as they mold and shape a person to who they are.

I am thankful to all those that made these experiences possible. I am thankful for family and friends that show me unconditional love and care. I am thankful that I can reflect on my whole year and see so much happiness in my life.

Goodbye 2014; and here’s to the new year!


‘Your handwriting. The way you walk. Which china pattern you choose. It’s all giving you away. Everything you do shows your hand. Everything is a self-portrait. Everything is a diary.’

Chuck Palahniuk


A Christmas day roadtrip up to Loch Leven with a walk around Kirkgate Park, through the town of Kinross, then a stop off at Loch Fitty. The weather was cold but dry and crisp, with glaring sun! Beautiful weather for exploring Scotland!

It is often when I visit these kind of amazingly stunning places that I stop to think about how beautiful the world is that we live in. I am so very thankful.

Loch Leven

Loch Leven

Awesome reflections!

Bouquet of flowers tied to the pier gate.

Bouquet of flowers tied to the pier gate.

Kirkgate Park: amazing forests and wildlife.

Kirkgate Park: amazing forests and wildlife.

Loch Fitty

Loch Fitty

Beautiful views!

Beautiful views!


20141224_151140Two new books to add to my collection.

Oliver Twist is on my university reading list for my upcoming Crime In Text & Film module so I picked that up to read over the holidays in preparation for class.

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini has been on my own personal reading list for a while, but I haven’t seen a cheap copy until recently. I will eventually get round to reading this when I complete some of my other books!


I was home alone yesterday for nearly the entire day and while it was refreshing to have the house to myself, I do miss the sound of people in the house.

It is a nice breather to be able to play my music as loud as I want and to not worry about disturbing anyone else, and also to have an extremely lazy day in the house with no judgment on what I do with my time.

Nevertheless I am glad to have plans made for today; too much time in the house makes me antsy. Moments of solitude are always welcome, as long as they are blended in with moments of socialising.


On my recent trip to Aberdeen I received two books as a present from my good friend.

We had previously spoken about the Murakami books and whether they were worth a read. My friend has read Norwegian Wood and he recommended it to me, and I said I would buy a copy and read it when I had some free time.

Receiving these two books was a real surprise and I am thankful that my friend knows my book obsession as well as he does. I am looking forward to finding time to read these!


Yesterday I travelled up to Aberdeen early in the morning to meet friends up for a catch up. We have been friends for a long time so it was really good to see each other again and to spend the day together.

I feel like I took another step into adulthood as we spent the afternoon in an establishment catching up over drinks. That to me has always inherently been an ‘adult’ thing.

I am thankful for good friends who stay in touch, and good friends who make time to see each other.


Recently I have been able to become closer to my little 4 year old nephew as I have time off from my studies and can play with him more. Today he insisted on me playing with him and on the occasions I left the room briefly, he followed me to make sure I came back to play with him.

Children are so precious and seeing them grow before our eyes is precious. Each day he speaks new phrases and words, and tells me about his adventures at nursery. He knows the numbers of the buses that go past our house and can differentiate between police and ambulance sirens. He picks up melodies from songs easily and sings them around the house.

Ah, to have the simplicity of a child’s life where all things are easy and exciting!


My exam on Friday went smoothly, thank God! I also handed in my ethics application form the same day (all signed and approved by my supervisor).

It feels so good to have finished this term and to not have to worry about university work until the new year, although I know the next lot of work will be the hardest yet. It feels amazing to have earned this break and I am free for the holidays!

I hope everyone else in shoes similar to mine can reach their point of relief soon! There really is nothing better than knowing you have time off from responsibilities.