In 7 months I should be graduating from Edinburgh Napier University with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Criminology. Exactly 7 months. My graduation is scheduled to take place on the dates of 7-9th July so today (8th December) marks the 7 months countdown till graduation day.

In 7 months I will be able to say I have completed my 4 years of studies at university and managed to obtain a degree. In 7 months my studying life will be over.

Recently I have found people asking me about my plans for after university. People have asked whether I will stay in Edinburgh, whether I will work in Edinburgh and whether I hope to stay in Edinburgh for the foreseeable future. Every time someone has asked me I always seem to give an unsure answer because it really is not clear where I will be after I graduate. The majority of people I have spoken to have encouraged me to stay and it is beginning to look like the most likely option for me.

Over these 3 and a half years of living in Edinburgh I have grown to love it. I have become acquainted with the busy city life and learned to live in a bustling city although I come from a small former market town. Edinburgh is no longer my second home but my first. Going home for the holidays feels like going away, and returning to Edinburgh feels like coming home. It is a strange feeling to fall in love with a city however I feel like through it I have been able to find myself, and grown into the person I truly am.

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