Yesterday I did another clear out of my room, this time being my Edinburgh bedroom. Over the past 3 and a half years I have accumulated a lot of things. Some of these things can be sorted into the category of junk while other things are ‘keepers’.

Some items I kept in the past for nostalgia’s sake because they reminded me of an event or experience. Some I kept because they held emotional significance to a certain person or time in my life. Some items I kept simply because I thought they would come in useful one day.

I carefully sorted through my nostalgic things and decided which ones made the cut. I considered why I had kept these things and whether I would remember the experience without the physical item. I also considered whether I still held that memory close to my heart, and for many I no longer did. For the items that held emotional significance I thought about my relationships with the people that they represented. Was that person still in my life today? I found that often they no longer were, so the items were discarded. The things I kept because I thought they would be useful in the future had been untouched for weeks, months and even years. They clearly had no further use and were thrown out.

While this way of organizing and tidying may sound ruthless to some, it is a necessary step for me. There are some things which are obviously worth holding onto, but moreover there are things which no longer have a place in my life. I always feel lighter and less burdened when physical items in my vicinity have been removed. My room feels clearer and tidier, and most importantly organized.

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