I recently finished reading Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser. This was something out of my normal reading genre but it was an interesting and informative read.

My thoughts on the book? The book follows the story of the first fast food chains and how they got to where they are today: the triumphs, the law suits and the perseverance of the owners. The influence of the American fast food industry is vast and has seamlessly blended into our everyday lives. Each country around the world has a McDonalds chain; and the food is distributed to billions around the globe. It also raised issues of health and safety, factory accidents, employee benefits (or lack of), and union representation. Advertising for fast food is known to target children as their main audience, and it is widely accepted that the food is of a good standard to be consumed. Early fast food chains had problems with meat suppliers and turned to alternative ones which meant quality decreased as costs decreased. I found some parts of the book very fact-based with little comment from the writer. Scanning through the history of companies and their altercations and protests can be tedious.

While many have sworn off McDonalds and other fast food after reading this book, I am neither here nor there on the topic. There is no doubt that the food is convenient and cheap, but it is also unhealthy and produced in bad working conditions. I would recommend it as an intriguing read, and you can make your own informed decision on the matter.


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