I have the wondrous pleasure of announcing that I have been offered a job!

After completing a telephone survey last week I was put forward to attend a face-to-face interview and assessment. My interview went very smoothly, surprisingly so, and I felt very at ease and confident in answering questions. The whole session was informal and not at all like I had previously imagined. The written test was straightforward and easy to complete. I left the session feeling satisfied with how I performed, especially for my first interview after university.

After completing my interview and assessments, I had returned home and was busy playing with my niece and nephew. I got a phone call from the company and I was curious because only about an hour had passed since the interview. At the meeting they had told all applicants that they would respond within the working week so the same day phone call was unexpected.

Accepting the job offer over the phone was a feeling I will never forget. I was pacing around when I heard the words, ‘we would like to make you a job offer’. I stopped in my tracks and thought I had heard them wrong. I was so excited and pleased at the same time that my face crafted itself into a huge smile. I accepted it gladly and breathed a huge sigh of relief afterwards.

I feel very blessed for this job opportunity and especially for it coming at this particular time in my life. Though this is a temporary position there is a high chance of my contract being extended, as the company like to work with the same staff over time. I feel it is a great blessing for my first interview to have gone so smoothly, and for me to get this job. I will definitely work hard and do my best in my working life, and in whatever else my future holds. Thank God.

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