Yesterday I had the opportunity to watch the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. As an event that happens every year in Edinburgh I never thought to go and see it. There are a lot of connotations to the show being for tourists and not for locals, however I very much enjoyed it.

I have a friend from Los Angeles visiting Edinburgh this week so it was the perfect time to not only show him a bit more of the culture of Edinburgh, but to learn about it myself.

The synchronisation of all the acts was amazing! All the dance choreography and music rehearsals must have taken a long time to prepare and it was a wonderful experience. Luckily there was no rain so we could watch the fireworks and light shows without worrying about the weather.

I would definitely recommend the Edinburgh Military Tattoo to anyone who comes to Edinburgh in August!


In recent months I have taken a few steps out of my comfort zone. What comfort zone is this? Doing things by myself.

While I am perfectly capable of going to cafes and libraries by myself, these places are designed to encourage personal trips and a slight hint of anti-social conduct. As independent as I am in things like shopping or going to work, the other less menial things tend to involve other people.

Today I decided to venture into the unknown and attended a improvisation comedy show in an unfamiliar place. As I entered into the venue I checked my phone and saw that I did not have any internet connection or signal, subsequently leaving me alone alone. However I sucked it up, bought myself a drink and settled down in a seat. I noticed that there were a few other people there by themselves and my worries went away.

Why shouldn’t someone go and enjoy something alone? No reason. What is the problem with solitude? Nothing. Does it mean you cannot laugh out loud? Not at all.

I ended up having a good time and met some nice people there too. Last week I went to an acapella show alone and ended up recognising a girl that went to my high school, so we spoke for a little while. What a small world, huh?

I have learned that doing things on my own is not as bad as I imagined it to be. Preconceptions of being lonely and awkward were far from true!


Yesterday I took half a day to focus on myself and caught up on some reading in the lovely (although short-lived) sun. I also went and got myself a cinnamon and sugar crepe from the numerous Fringe Festival food stalls. Having dessert at 3pm is acceptable right? Because “treat yo’ self!”

Recently I have been feeling a little out of sorts because I feel like I do not belong anywhere. That feeling of ‘not fitting in’ is not just reserved for angsty teens trying to find themselves but also for young adults like myself. Some days I feel very distant from my family and friends and can go days without speaking to anyone in person. Admittedly that is sometimes my fault because I hide myself away from social interaction however I would like to break that.

I start my new job this week so hopefully that will serve as a distraction to what I am feeling as of this moment.


Long time no post!

So what has been going on in my life for the past two weeks?

My first job ended up not being right for me so I left my 3 month contract a few weeks early. I have had the past week to reflect on this decision and to look for further job opportunities. I also took the week to focus on other things rather than my unemployed status. I have spent most of my evenings at church helping out with the training course for youths.

This morning I attended an interview session with a lawyer and solicitor firm. I was unsure about the position offered and did not know what to expect. Having only had one previous interview I felt very inexperienced and nervous about what questions would be asked. Luckily everything went very smoothly and I went home feeling calm about the whole event.

A few hours passed and I checked my junk emails and saw one from the company I had been interviewed by. Good news! I was offered a post with the company! I could not be happier with this opportunity to work in a field more related to my Criminology degree.

I thank God for this blessed opening for me and for guiding my interview processes to be so smooth. I have been so fortunate to find jobs in both interviews I attended fresh out of university. I hope that this is a long term endeavour for me and that I enjoy it more than my previous job.