Long time no post!

So what has been going on in my life for the past two weeks?

My first job ended up not being right for me so I left my 3 month contract a few weeks early. I have had the past week to reflect on this decision and to look for further job opportunities. I also took the week to focus on other things rather than my unemployed status. I have spent most of my evenings at church helping out with the training course for youths.

This morning I attended an interview session with a lawyer and solicitor firm. I was unsure about the position offered and did not know what to expect. Having only had one previous interview I felt very inexperienced and nervous about what questions would be asked. Luckily everything went very smoothly and I went home feeling calm about the whole event.

A few hours passed and I checked my junk emails and saw one from the company I had been interviewed by. Good news! I was offered a post with the company! I could not be happier with this opportunity to work in a field more related to my Criminology degree.

I thank God for this blessed opening for me and for guiding my interview processes to be so smooth. I have been so fortunate to find jobs in both interviews I attended fresh out of university. I hope that this is a long term endeavour for me and that I enjoy it more than my previous job.

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