Following on from my previous post about my grandma, I would like to share a little more about her situation and how I plan to help from 300+ miles away.

  • Thursday 5pm: Gran felt a great deal of pain in her stomach area and was unable to go to the bathroom. My mum took her to see the doctors, and they were told to go to the hospital for further checks.
  • Thursday 10pm: Checks and scans were completed and a cancerous tumour was found in my grandma’s stomach. This tumour had grown so large that it had blocked the intestine, causing the bathroom trouble and pain. Gran had to stay in hospital overnight.
  • Friday 9am: Doctors advised emergency surgery to remove the tumour otherwise she would have days/weeks to live. Gran had previously refused surgery due to her old age and she was afraid there would be complications. Surgery scheduled in for the same day.
  • Friday 4pm: Operation was a success, grandma to stay in hospital to recover.
  • Friday 11pm: My parents received a call from the hospital saying gran had woken up very confused and was mumbling in Cantonese. She had also pulled out the tubes attached to her and tried to get up and about without help. My parents and uncle visit gran and calm her down, and explain where she is and what she is not to do in the future. The morphine has side effects of confusion and distortion of reality.
  • Saturday 8am: I fly home to visit my grandma in hospital.
  • Sunday 6pm: My whole family visit gran in hospital, and she is very grateful to see us all together and gathering to see her. She could not eat much due to her stomach feeling uncomfortable and painful, but was able to laugh and joke with her husband.
  • Monday 6:30pm: Gran able to get up out of bed unaided and able to sit for longer periods of time. Bodily functions working a little better, but still nausea and vomiting.
  • Tuesday 7pm: Grandma felt ready to go home but the nurses said that was optimistic but she wasn’t ready. My mum and I visited and brought her food to see if she could eat a little more.
  • Wednesday 2:40pm: My last visit before I had to fly back to Edinburgh. Gran feeling much better and able, appetite mostly back and eating most foods now. Nurses said she was almost ready to be discharged.
  • Thursday: Doctors said she could be discharged however she didn’t feel ready yet. Decision made for her to stay one more night.
  • Friday 12:30pm: Gran discharged from hospital and to recover in the comfort of her own home.
  • Saturday 3rd September: Gran’s 79th birthday!

A long, long update! But the context is important for my request…

On Saturday 17th September I will be taking part in the Pretty Muddy 5km run with my colleagues. This event is sponsored by Cancer Research and all donations from sponsorship goes directly to them! They do such an amazing job providing assistance to those facing cancer, and it is important for us all to support such a big cause!

Although I signed up for this run a few months back, and my grandma’s situation occurred in the week just gone, it is now a more important cause close to my heart. Without the work of Cancer Research the diagnosis and treatment of cancer would be more difficult. I am so grateful to the doctors, surgeons and nurses who looked after my grandma in this difficult time of illness, and made her transitions smooth and easy.

With this in mind; I have a small favour to ask of my followers. A simple donation goes a long way! If you would like to sponsor me for this 5km run please follow the link below:


Thank you in advance for your donations and well wishes! You are all so wonderful and kind (: