Today is the day that my fitness band broke. Not stopped working, not ‘became faulty’ but legitimately snapped in half.

So that marks the end of my year long fitness band journey! It was a very encouraging and motivating journey as I tracked my steps, sleep, food and heart rate daily. I have developed a routine where I actively take time out of my lunch break to walk around Edinburgh, and this has allowed me to discover hidden gems and to detach from technology (even if only for half an hour spurts). My eating habits have slightly improved as I knew everything I ate would get logged. I was able to learn about my sleeping patterns and track how often I woke up in the night. I was also able to log my work outs and get advice on improving them, as well as receive encouragement for my hard work.

While I am not planning on getting another fitness band to replace my former one, I am planning to take what I have learnt and to put it into practice (just minus the physical band). My right arm feels very bare without my fitness band; a very strange sensation which I will have to get used to.


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