It seems like the time gaps between my posts are getting longer and longer. It’s not that I do not have anything to post, it is the ‘putting pen to paper’ as it were.

I am in a good place mentally so hopefully I can reflect on that in coming posts.


Yesterday I had the opportunity to watch the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. As an event that happens every year in Edinburgh I never thought to go and see it. There are a lot of connotations to the show being for tourists and not for locals, however I very much enjoyed it.

I have a friend from Los Angeles visiting Edinburgh this week so it was the perfect time to not only show him a bit more of the culture of Edinburgh, but to learn about it myself.

The synchronisation of all the acts was amazing! All the dance choreography and music rehearsals must have taken a long time to prepare and it was a wonderful experience. Luckily there was no rain so we could watch the fireworks and light shows without worrying about the weather.

I would definitely recommend the Edinburgh Military Tattoo to anyone who comes to Edinburgh in August!


In recent months I have taken a few steps out of my comfort zone. What comfort zone is this? Doing things by myself.

While I am perfectly capable of going to cafes and libraries by myself, these places are designed to encourage personal trips and a slight hint of anti-social conduct. As independent as I am in things like shopping or going to work, the other less menial things tend to involve other people.

Today I decided to venture into the unknown and attended a improvisation comedy show in an unfamiliar place. As I entered into the venue I checked my phone and saw that I did not have any internet connection or signal, subsequently leaving me alone alone. However I sucked it up, bought myself a drink and settled down in a seat. I noticed that there were a few other people there by themselves and my worries went away.

Why shouldn’t someone go and enjoy something alone? No reason. What is the problem with solitude? Nothing. Does it mean you cannot laugh out loud? Not at all.

I ended up having a good time and met some nice people there too. Last week I went to an acapella show alone and ended up recognising a girl that went to my high school, so we spoke for a little while. What a small world, huh?

I have learned that doing things on my own is not as bad as I imagined it to be. Preconceptions of being lonely and awkward were far from true!


The night is for times of solitude, for thoughts and pondering. 

I use the hours before I fall into slumber to recount how my day panned out. I recall the words I spoke to my friends/classmates/family and think about how my actions impacted on those around me. This self reflection is very important to me. This analysis helps me to develop as a person, to know what makes me tick. 

I consider what I could have done differently with my day: whether I should have left the house earlier to catch my bus, whether I needed to buy another pair of shoes, whether I should have complimented a stranger on their hairstyle. Endless possibilities arise and I find myself lost in the midst of these ‘what if’ situations. After all, the day has passed. The night has come, and soon the sun will rise again. As a new day dawns it is the perfect opportunity to start afresh, to begin again.