• I miss driving along the LA highways with my friends.
  • I miss driving towards the magnificent blue sky as the blazing sun filtered in through the windscreen.
  • I miss blasting the air conditioning to cool down the car as the black leather was intensely hot.
  • I miss rifling through radio stations and listening to catchy pop songs of the 90s.
  • I miss driving a full car in the car pool lane and speeding past the other traffic.
  • I miss being on the right side of the road and being able to turn right even if the traffic light was red.

I miss LA; I really do.


I finished The Inspector’s Daughter by Alanna Knight today. Overall opinion? I really enjoyed it and it was a clean, easy read. There wasn’t any points where the plot dwindled or dragged on, and it flowed nicely from chapter to chapter.

There was a pleasant twist near the end but after reading it and seeing how much of the book I had left to read (about 30 pages or so), I knew that the matter would be concluded shortly. A succinct book which was simple to follow and a swift read!

I didn’t realise that this book was the first of a 3 part series based on the character of Rose McQueen (the inspector’s daughter) until getting to the end and seeing the other titles in the series. I may delve into those at a later point when I have finished the other books in my ever growing list!