There are two types of anger: hot anger and cold anger.

Hot anger is heated (as the name suggests) and normally involves full-blown arguments and face-to-face altercations. The person does not hold back and expresses anything to get across their point. This could be in the form of swear words, spiteful accusations or even physical violence.

Cold anger is a calm, seething anger. It sits below the surface of one’s emotions and waits. This cold anger can be long-lasting and eventually be the source of one’s grudges and future anger. On the surface the person seems fine and like nothing is wrong, but inside they have not forgotten the problem (and certainly not forgiven the person who wronged them).

Personally I have cold anger tendencies. I do not like to talk about my anger or annoyances but instead close up to others and bury the issue inside myself. I am not one to express my anger in words or actions in the presence of other people, however sometimes I may voice what has ticked me off in a sarcastic way. I also find that writing a blog or a journal helps me to release some of that built up tension, and seeing it down on paper often lets me see how trivial the matter was. Going on walks and runs also helps me to forget about things, and to unleash that seething rage from its home in my chest.