I have a rule of texting etiquette: when you do not reply to someone within the hour, you apologise and explain the absence.

Okay, fair enough when the person has told me that they will be busy all day (or other reasons), however the people that reply hours later without giving as much as a ‘sorry’, really get on my nerves. It makes me want to not reply to them for a few hours. This sounds rather petty nevertheless it irks me.

What makes these kinds of situations worse is when I can see that the person has checked their messages yet still not replied. Does my interaction with you mean that little? Maybe it is the fact that I am home alone right now that makes people not replying affect me a lot more. Maybe I expect too much from some people.

Also currently craving birthday cake! It has been almost 2 weeks since my birthday and I guess I never stopped hoping that someone would surprise me with one. It’s not really a birthday until there is cake right? High expectations… high expectations… don’t be upset. DON’T be upset.