I just finished writing my dissertation. Nothing else matters right now!

12, 611 words.

Currently waiting for my precious proof readers to get back to me then I can print, bind and hand in this piece of work! 4 years of hard work all amounted to this moment. Excuse me while I cry internally!


In less than one month my university life will be over. In one month I will have no more deadlines and my degree will be over. My 4 years of studying at university will have finished!

My last lecture is tomorrow and after that I will only be in university to meet with my supervisor, and to hand in my essays and dissertation. The end is near! This last year of university has gone by phenomenally quickly! In one month’s time all my hard work will have come to an end. This is both an exciting and scary thought, but I look forward to what the future brings!


‘The reasons we procrastinate are due to either fear, uncertainty, and/or having a perfectionist attitude’

Psych 2 Go

As much as I want to believe that having a perfectionist attitude is why I put off writing my 12,000 word dissertation draft, it really is not the reason. Through the course of today I have written 3275 words, and I have two more days to complete it. I know I can get it done and refining it will take some time too. General laziness plus a recent bout of sore throat and coughing made me put off my dissertation more.

I see this as the home stretch to the end of my 4 years of studying. I am almost there! 2 more months and I will be free!


My last assignment of my third year of university completed and handed in! All that remains is to print off a hard copy and pop it into the submission box later today. My heart is no longer heavy from my intense procrastination and stress.

Again I wrote the majority of my essay a few days before the hand-in date, however I am one day early in submitting so I don’t feel all that bad. I have 20 days until my first exam so I need to muster up my motivation to revise thoroughly and better than I did back in November.

It will all be over soon.