My exam on Friday went smoothly, thank God! I also handed in my ethics application form the same day (all signed and approved by my supervisor).

It feels so good to have finished this term and to not have to worry about university work until the new year, although I know the next lot of work will be the hardest yet. It feels amazing to have earned this break and I am free for the holidays!

I hope everyone else in shoes similar to mine can reach their point of relief soon! There really is nothing better than knowing you have time off from responsibilities.


Tomorrow will be my last academic assessment of 2014!

It will also be the day I get my Honours Project ethics application form signed and sent off (hopefully for the final time) so I can conduct my interviews in the new year.

Anyone who has been through the university process will know the struggles and stress that students face towards the end of term. They will also know the relief and excitement that comes from knowing there is a well deserved break at the end of the year.

When I go back to university in January I will have just under 4 months to conduct 6 qualitative interviews then write a 12, 000 word long dissertation on it all. University life, huh?

Hurry up, 11:30am! Exam finishing time!


On Monday I had the opportunity to go on a road trip with a large group of friends. As it was St Andrew’s day the majority of us had the day off so we took the day to travel up north. 12 of us travelled up from Edinburgh to Loch Lubnaig, Rob Roy’s grave, Creag an Turic, and Loch Voil.

It has been a long time sinceĀ I had to wake up and be out of the house so early, and return so late at night, however the beautiful scenery was worth the tiredness. I love getting back to nature and enjoying its wonders. It was a nice break from my university deadline and revision, a comforting hug from Mother Nature herself.

Loch Lubnaig

Loch Lubnaig

View of Loch Voil from Creag an Turic

View of Loch Voil from Creag an Turic

Mirror cabin at Loch Voil

Mirror cabin at Loch Voil


Today my friends and I explored the area of Linlithgow. We went up to Linlithgow Palace and around Linlithgow Loch, where we fed the swans and geese. Afterwards we drove to South Queensferry to look at the bridges and the sea view. We ended the day with dinner and dessert with laughter and silly conversations.

It was refreshing to take my mind off university work though only for the one day. Looking out to sea always calms my heart and exploring new places eases my stress.

Thank God for amazing friends and scenic places!