In less than one month my university life will be over. In one month I will have no more deadlines and my degree will be over. My 4 years of studying at university will have finished!

My last lecture is tomorrow and after that I will only be in university to meet with my supervisor, and to hand in my essays and dissertation. The end is near! This last year of university has gone by phenomenally quickly! In one month’s time all my hard work will have come to an end. This is both an exciting and scary thought, but I look forward to what the future brings!


I finished writing my dissertation! Although it is just a draft it feels like a great burden has been taken off my chest. I am elated!

A word of advice: do not write your dissertation thesis in 3 days. Would not recommend.


‘The reasons we procrastinate are due to either fear, uncertainty, and/or having a perfectionist attitude’

Psych 2 Go

As much as I want to believe that having a perfectionist attitude is why I put off writing my 12,000 word dissertation draft, it really is not the reason. Through the course of today I have written 3275 words, and I have two more days to complete it. I know I can get it done and refining it will take some time too. General laziness plus a recent bout of sore throat and coughing made me put off my dissertation more.

I see this as the home stretch to the end of my 4 years of studying. I am almost there! 2 more months and I will be free!


1645/2000 words of my project proposal done. Slow but steady progress is better than none.

The more I think about it, the more I panic. The more I panic, the more worked up I get about not being able to finish it on time. My solution? Do not think; just do!

Nevertheless; I will get there! I have enough sleepless or late nights under my belt to be able to handle a few more this week.


3 deadlines this week. Actually 4 but I’ve completed one of them.

Currently feeling extremely overwhelmed by my Honours Project work. Everyone keeps telling me that I can do it, and just to face things one at a time. However this is difficult to acknowledge when I have a 2000 word project proposal, final ethics draft and a poster presentation to hand in, all within two days.

Someone please tell me it gets easier? I risk falling apart under this immense pressure and waking up 7 days from now a completely broken woman.


It has already gotten to the point in the year where I do not feel any motivation to carry on with my studies and the end feels like a lifetime away. Even though my university semester is split into 13 weeks and I can count down the days until I get a longer break, every week seems to drag on and my workload seems to pile up.

I have just finished week 3 and I have deadlines coming up in week 5 and week 7. After that I will need to start interviewing people for my Honours Project, transcribe all the interviews, analyse the information and write it up into a dissertation.

Currently sitting here in September and thinking about my graduation in July, it just seems so far away. Plus my graduation will only happen if I pass this 4th year of university. So far I have made minimum effort in my studies and thinking about my Honours Project deadlines makes me so unwilling to do it.

Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I had gone straight into work from high school, or even if I had dropped out of university in year 1 or 2 and found work then. Would I be happier knowing that I have some financial security? I know there is a popular saying, ‘university will be the best years of your life’ however right now I do not see this to be true.


Leaving deadlines to the last minute seems to be a speciality of mine. I find the added pressure of time makes me work harder though the quality of my work suffers.

Lack of motivation to start work is my main problem, the existence of the internet extends that problem to far beyond what the eye can see. I guess that’s the power of the internet, can’t live with it, can’t live without it!

Current word count: 550 words. Maximum word count: 1300 words.

I will tackle it again later with a clearer mind, going to sleep off any doubts and persevere after a well deserved sleep!