On Friday I went on my daily walk/run and ended up close to my friend’s flat. I messaged her to look outside and we had a short conversation through the window. My friend lives on the first floor so it was quite difficult to shout up/down to each other. My friend decided to come down to speak to me so we stood 2 metres apart in the street and had a 20 minute conversation. It was the first time we’ve seen each other in over 6 weeks! It’s strange to think that this is the norm if people want to catch up in person, and I have seen plenty of others doing the same.

Previously we would have gone to a cafe, or up to her flat, or even just sat in my car or in the park to catch up. The physical distance of our daily lives has been changed so vastly that it seems almost impossible to return to. Will working from home become the norm for most employees? Will supermarkets disinfect their trolleys and baskets more regularly? Will face masks be a part of every day life?

I am currently still riding the wave of furlough and taking each day as it comes. The extension of the government’s Job Retention Scheme is now till the end of June. While 80% pay is not the most ideal situation, I know that there are many who face far worse such as unemployment or inability to pay rent. Everyone is doing their best in light of this strange situation. Will our lives ever return to ‘normal’?