When I work an earlier shift I somehow feel fresher and more ready for work. I set my alarm for an earlier time and leave the house in time to catch the morning brightening up. My morning commute is relaxed and peaceful. I listen to upbeat music to wake myself up, and watch people get on with their morning routines. I am the first one to arrive at my office which gives me time to settle down before the hustle and bustle of the day.

I have never seen myself as a morning person but I have grown to allocate my night time for sleeping. The arrival of a new day is not the worst thing any more.


The first week back to work after a holiday is always the hardest. Add in staff illness, throw in a few projects, plus early starts and late finishes due to over time, and you will have one tired employee.

After what seemed like the longest week; I finally have some time to myself. During my working week my evenings are filled with: dinner, social media check, shower, lunch preparation and then an early night. It does not deviate much because this routine keeps me feeling the most refreshed for work the next day. This weekend will be spent recharging before another long week of work.

Current feeling: drained and aching.


Early mornings seem to be my most productive. They are the hours where I can conjure up essays and elaborate revision plans, and push through half a season of a drama. Early mornings are also the times when I confess some of my inner most secrets. My thoughts and feelings are set free in the morning, they roam the walls and paint the ceiling and are more openly expressed than in the day time.

I am a self confessed night owl, one who hunts at night and sleeps in the day. Late nights are used for deep chats and sharing. They are for exploring the crevices of my mind, setting free the thoughts that are enchained during the day, for loosening the wonders that are reigned back.

Nights and early mornings make everything seem more true, more real. Words spoken are genuine and true, they are soft yet honest. Though they are whispered, they shout the truth through unmasked words.