What is this? A post not written in the early hours of the morning?!

I am currently at university and instead of revising for my exam in half an hour I decided to check my blog.

I intended to have a fairly early night but a situation arose that caused me not to sleep till 4am. I talked about the problem with two good friends into the early hours of the morning, and though I am tired for my exam today, I felt like I needed to talk it out. There are whirling thoughts in my brain but I’m putting it aside for now. This is my last exam and distractions (no matter how big) need to be swept under the rug and left for another time.

I’m going to listen to my friend’s advice and ‘go smash that exam in the face’. InĀ 3 and a half hours I will be free from the constraints of university life and officially on holiday. *deep breath in*