Scotland has been blessed with glorious weather for the past week! Sometimes the mornings start off cloudy but by lunch time the sun is out and out to stay. Sunset is anywhere between 10pm and 12am.

These longer days are tiring though. I find myself trying to keep myself awake at work as the post-lunch slump kicks in. Air conditioning pumping and fans whirring do little to keep me focused and fully awake. I try to cram more into my day so as to make the most of the good weather, but this results in extreme tiredness. Because who takes naps when it’s so sunny outside right?

As a country who seldom gets such sun, we sure do complain about the hot weather…



These days the weather is miserable, work life is mundane and getting up in the morning is a struggle. The latter months bring about rain, colder temperatures and a sense of dread that it will only get worse. However I want to view my life in a more positive light. Focusing on the negative things never benefited anyone. While I have my own struggles I am learning to see the better things in life and to hone into those to brighten up my day. The little things make the bigger things much more bearable.