After a hectic week of work and play I have finally had a chance to let my body rest. For the past week an Australian friend has been visiting Edinburgh so everyday has been eventful. I went to work during the day and met my friend in the evenings which resulted in long days out of the house. We also helped to prepare for our mutual friend’s wedding over the weekend (making favours, decorations and organising schedules). Over Sunday and Monday I attended wedding festivities and taxied friends around in my car.

Today I went back to work feeling very drained and ended up being quite unproductive. After a long Monday of wedding activities and the previous week of work and play, the tiredness finally caught up with my body. When I got home from work I had a 3 hour nap, skipped dinner and now I am ready to sleep again.

As much as I love being busy sometimes, I also need time to rest and have some time to myself. Being physically out of the house every day and night is exhausting! I think my body is telling me to slow down and take it easy, however I seem to have a million things planned for the coming months. I am grateful in advance for any opportunities that I get to stay at home!


On my recent trip to Aberdeen I received two books as a present from my good friend.

We had previously spoken about the Murakami books and whether they were worth a read. My friend has read Norwegian Wood and he recommended it to me, and I said I would buy a copy and read it when I had some free time.

Receiving these two books was a real surprise and I am thankful that my friend knows my book obsession as well as he does. I am looking forward to finding time to read these!


Yesterday I travelled up to Aberdeen early in the morning to meet friends up for a catch up. We have been friends for a long time so it was really good to see each other again and to spend the day together.

I feel like I took another step into adulthood as we spent the afternoon in an establishment catching up over drinks. That to me has always inherently been an ‘adult’ thing.

I am thankful for good friends who stay in touch, and good friends who make time to see each other.


I think I have come to a point in my life in which I know exactly who my friends are and though they be few, they are the only ones I really need. In a society filled with the focus of socialising on the internet and gaining friends on ‘social’ networks, real relationships are lacking. I know who cares about my well-being, who worries when I am stressed, and who will take time out to be with me. I really am thankful for good friends.


Today my friends and I explored the area of Linlithgow. We went up to Linlithgow Palace and around Linlithgow Loch, where we fed the swans and geese. Afterwards we drove to South Queensferry to look at the bridges and the sea view. We ended the day with dinner and dessert with laughter and silly conversations.

It was refreshing to take my mind off university work though only for the one day. Looking out to sea always calms my heart and exploring new places eases my stress.

Thank God for amazing friends and scenic places!


You know those days when you come home from being out and your body is tired but your heart is full of joy? Those days where you think back to earlier and you can’t help but smile? I had one of those days today.

It was such a happy day from the get go. A group of 8 friends who have all completed their university exams and/or have time off work who took the day to hang out and really enjoy each others company. We gorged on food and made our stomachs hurt from laughing too much. We always keep it simple yet always have a good time.

I have grown up with these friends and we all know each other pretty well, which is why we all get on amazingly. I find when I’m not at home I only have a select few who I am closer to and click well with. However at home and with these friends; it’s so free and easy. Conversation always flows freely and we crack jokes so often because it’s second nature to us. One of my friends (who also happens to be my cousin) said, ‘I haven’t laughed so hard in so long!’ which is usually the sign of a good day out.

I can go back to Edinburgh with a happy heart full of memories.


My heart is happy from an eventful Easter Monday up in Aberdeen with two of my closest friends. The sun shone, the sky was blue and the company was perfect. Though the rain has returned, the skies are grey and revision is my company, the memories will always remain.

I will always prefer a smaller gathering with a select few over a large group, the intimacy and memories are deeper and more ingrained. Good friends make for a glad heart.