I recently attended my graduation ceremony!

To finally round off my 4 years of studying in university with a celebration with my classmates, and other fellow university students, was a great and joyous occasion. It felt really good to put on the graduation gown and hood, and to walk around knowing it was an important day for all the people surrounding me.

It was also the university Chancellor’s last graduation ceremony after serving for many years. He gave a moving speech to the 2015 graduates and reiterated many times for us not to waste our lives.

Now that I have officially left the student sphere and entered into working life, I feel a little older and a little wiser. Onwards and upwards!


In less than one month my university life will be over. In one month I will have no more deadlines and my degree will be over. My 4 years of studying at university will have finished!

My last lecture is tomorrow and after that I will only be in university to meet with my supervisor, and to hand in my essays and dissertation. The end is near! This last year of university has gone by phenomenally quickly! In one month’s time all my hard work will have come to an end. This is both an exciting and scary thought, but I look forward to what the future brings!


In 7 months I should be graduating from Edinburgh Napier University with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Criminology. Exactly 7 months. My graduation is scheduled to take place on the dates of 7-9th July so today (8th December) marks the 7 months countdown till graduation day.

In 7 months I will be able to say I have completed my 4 years of studies at university and managed to obtain a degree. In 7 months my studying life will be over.

Recently I have found people asking me about my plans for after university. People have asked whether I will stay in Edinburgh, whether I will work in Edinburgh and whether I hope to stay in Edinburgh for the foreseeable future. Every time someone has asked me I always seem to give an unsure answer because it really is not clear where I will be after I graduate. The majority of people I have spoken to have encouraged me to stay and it is beginning to look like the most likely option for me.

Over these 3 and a half years of living in Edinburgh I have grown to love it. I have become acquainted with the busy city life and learned to live in a bustling city although I come from a small former market town. Edinburgh is no longer my second home but my first. Going home for the holidays feels like going away, and returning to Edinburgh feels like coming home. It is a strange feeling to fall in love with a city however I feel like through it I have been able to find myself, and grown into the person I truly am.


I attended a close friend’s graduation yesterday and a few thoughts popped into my mind.

Firstly, I was so filled with friend pride. This is different from parental pride or even familial pride; it was quite interesting. I knew the amount of effort she put into her studies so to see them come to fruition in her graduation was so satisfying! I am proud of her achievements and what she has accomplished, and wish her all the best in the future.

Secondly, it encouraged me to work harder in my own studies. I am in the last year of my university and up till now I have still only been putting in 60/70% effort maximum. I know that I want to attend my own graduation in July and to experience that same joy, and also for my family to be proud of me.

Thirdly, I felt a little older and a little wiser. Graduating from university is a big step in a¬†young adult’s life, and often it is a great milestone before entering the workplace. Graduating with an undergraduate degree is often the end of a person’s studying days, it is like the end of an era. It signifies a move onto bigger and better things.

Hopefully keeping these things in mind will motivate me to work harder in my final year, and to envision my very own graduation day.


That feeling when you realise a friend knows you so much more than you thought they did is so comforting. When you have never verbally told them something about yourself yet they know it from observing your mannerisms or just through interactions.

A friendship develops over time and there are both good and bad experiences which truly test a relationship. Good friends are hard to come by, but when they do you’ll feel it and years down the line you’ll still remember how you met, the first words you spoke and all that kind of stuff.

I recently attended one of my oldest and closest friend’s graduations and I have never felt so proud. To grow up together and to be able to share that moment with him was so touching, and it meant a lot to us both. We have experienced all emotions together: sadness, anger, confusion, despair, anxiety, happiness, and it all led us to the point of friendship that we are at today. Sometimes it is like he knows me better than I know myself and for that I am grateful. Sometimes just a look or a smile is enough.

I am thankful for friends and for those who make the effort with me, those who take the time to understand my personality.


Through the course of this week I have realised many things, but my biggest revelation is this: I have no idea what career path I am going to take after I graduate.

Having spoken to a lot of friends and relatives this week a question that frequently came up was, “What do you want to do after you graduate?” and the answer I gave was either, “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure yet”.

Whilst a Criminology degree has a variety of different routes for employment I have never really given it that much thought. I have breezed my way through 3 years of university studying without really thinking past the graduation stage. I realise that as my last year of studying approaches, I need to really consider my options. That has become my aim for this next academic year: find my calling.

After attending my closest friend’s graduation yesterday it hit me that in one year from now, that will hopefully be me. The robe, the scroll, the awkward walk across the stage, the whole lot! It is an intimidating thought but as long as I keep to my aim, it should hopefully spur me on to reach that goal of graduation.