Today I went to donate blood and there I met a nurse who was so friendly that I could not help but write a blog post about it.

I try and donate blood every 12 weeks because I feel like I should give to the community in any way I can. Also I feel like if I should ever need a blood transfusion, someone elses’ blood could save me, thus I need to give someone else that same opportunity. I have been giving blood ever since I became eligible to, and I find it quite relaxing to do so.

The nurse that accompanied me during my blood donation was so friendly and pleasant to talk to. She asked me what I studied and the general small talk questions, but took a step further and took a real interest in my degree. She shared information about herself and her own experiences in relation to my field of study, and I found it very interesting to talk to her. We spoke about a certain forensic pathologist based in the Edinburgh area who occasionally gives lectures in the hospital. She kindly wrote me a note with all the information on so I could research it more for myself. She also wished me the best of luck in my studies.

A further thought was that while it was clearly coming to the end of the nurse’s shift, she did not rush through the donation etc but took the time to talk to me. Her genuine interest in what I did as a student was refreshing and it made me feel good. It is not often that people take a deep rooted interest, even my own friends do not, let alone a stranger!


After ringing in the new year by watching fireworks with friends in The Meadows, we headed up to a friend’s house to play card games and Monopoly. These games ended up lasting till 4am and everyone went home joyful yet sleepy.

On Friday I travelled back to my hometown of Market Harborough to spend some time with my family and friends before returning to my studies. I got to see my two young nieces and also meet my newborn nephew today, definitely a happy moment! It was good to catch up with my cousins and friends as I have not been back in half a year. I have a family dinner tomorrow so more catch ups and laughter to come!


You know those days when you come home from being out and your body is tired but your heart is full of joy? Those days where you think back to earlier and you can’t help but smile? I had one of those days today.

It was such a happy day from the get go. A group of 8 friends who have all completed their university exams and/or have time off work who took the day to hang out and really enjoy each others company. We gorged on food and made our stomachs hurt from laughing too much. We always keep it simple yet always have a good time.

I have grown up with these friends and we all know each other pretty well, which is why we all get on amazingly. I find when I’m not at home I only have a select few who I am closer to and click well with. However at home and with these friends; it’s so free and easy. Conversation always flows freely and we crack jokes so often because it’s second nature to us. One of my friends (who also happens to be my cousin) said, ‘I haven’t laughed so hard in so long!’ which is usually the sign of a good day out.

I can go back to Edinburgh with a happy heart full of memories.