An afternoon post as opposed to my usual late night ones!

Recently I have been feeling symptoms of an overactive thyroid such as feeling extremely tired but having difficulty sleeping at night, restlessness, increased appetite and others. This has been ongoing since the end of last year.

I spoke to my mum about these symptoms as she had hyperthyroidism a few years ago. I asked her about her experiences and the treatment she received. She advised me to keep a note of all the symptoms I’ve been experiencing and to keep track of any changes to my lifestyle.

Today I phoned the doctors’ surgery and had an over-the-phone appointment with the doctor. I talked through the symptoms and the doctor said they were typical in someone with an overactive thyroid. She booked me in for a blood test tomorrow morning, and I should find out the results by Thursday if anything abnormal shows up in my blood.

In the past I have been very guilty of letting my health take a back seat and just letting things run their course. I usually am too busy to take time to go to the doctors/dentist/opticians. It shouldn’t take a medical emergency for me to do these routine checks! During this time of the pandemic I have taken more time for myself to do things which I put aside before. Health, both physical and mental, is extremely important and needs to be something at the forefront of my mind. Sometimes just taking the first step is a push to improvement and better wellness in life. Making an appointment isn’t scary or difficult, but it was always something I put off.

I will update again on Thursday with my results. Hope everyone is staying safe and can take some time for themselves today!


This week I decided to donate blood. I hadn’t found time amongst work and leisure to donate blood for over a year. I started giving blood when I turned 18 years old, and consistently donated until I began working. There were a few times I had low haemoglobin levels where I couldn’t donate but always made the effort to make appointments to see when I could donate next.

While the safety measures put in place by the staff at the donation centre seem strict (e.g. pens are sanitised, no hot drinks to reduce donor time in the centre etc), the staff are as friendly as ever! Healthcare workers truly do work hard to provide a service for the public, especially in this difficult pandemic time.

I had a smooth donor experience from start to finish and found everyone in good spirits (donors and workers alike). Definitely different to my normal non-pandemic donations due to increased safety measures but I was glad to experience it. I always found it interesting watching the whole donor experience from the needle going in, the blood filling the tubes and bag, and so on.

Blood donation is something small that most people can do to give back and help those in need. In the UK the blood is used for scientific testing and research or goes directly to hospitals for blood transfusions etc. The healthcare workers are always happy to explain the process to new donors and to guide them through the process. Definitely worth checking out if you can donate! All blood types are needed and it could mean the difference between life and death for those that need it.


It seems to be that only when I am ill do I appreciate my usual good health. For the past week or so I have had a sore throat coupled with intense coughing, and more recently aches and pains, as well as general cold symptoms.

These symptoms normally come about around the last couple of weeks of my university timetable (November/December). To me they signify stress, a weakening immune system and buckling under university pressures. Hopefully I can recover before doing my exams!