After a little break away in the sun; I have returned to normality and my usual routine. While being on holiday is normally a time to rest and relax, I have found that my body has not recharged itself until I got back into my routine. The excitement of being on holiday and exploring a new country takes its toll. I found myself getting stressed with planning both before and during the holiday, and ended up waking a lot earlier than planned every day I was away. Amidst long days out and coupled with broken sleep I was left exhausted by the time I hopped on the plane home. Not long after take off I completely knocked out and fell asleep!

After being back to work for a week my body has finally gotten back into my usual sleeping routine. I have managed to get back into swimming after a little hiatus, and also changed my eating habits back from the late Spanish meal times. Change is good every now and again but it is always comforting to come back to a ‘normal’ lifestyle.



Tired tired tired… yet the internet reigns over sleep once again.

LA holiday planning has taken a step forward with a productive Skype session. It’s almost all completed! 1 month and 20 days before we fly to the sunny US of A. I am so excited to; travel again, 2014 is my wanderlust year.


Organising this holiday is definitely getting to me.

The owners of the apartment we planned to book replied to us saying that it wouldn’t be suitable for a group of 6 adults. Hearing this news this morning definitely put a downer on my day. After reading the message I lay in bed for a further hour just moping and feeling despondent. I had my heart set on that apartment so I really was disappointed when it didn’t work out, heartbroken to the point of tears. I am aware that that sounds crazy, but that is how much I wanted to stay in that apartment and how upset I was to hear the news.

I spent the evening looking for other apartments however everything is being compared to the one that was never meant to be. I am also frustrated that there has been minimal help from the others, organising is stressful and it’s really bringing me down.


I feel like I get annoyed much more easily nowadays, shorter temper and more likely to explode at people. Trying to organise this holiday is really getting to me and while we have some things sorted out, the chat has turned and everyone is distracted.

I am so excited for the trip yet I feel like nothing is being sorted. Organisation is one of my strong points and so I think I may just create the daily itinerary and then send it out, see what they think and just rearrange it from there. It sounds horrible but I would rather do the organisation by myself than wait for the ‘help’ I receive from the others. I guess that would be the stubbornness in me showing through. I’ve always been a strong believer of ‘if I can do this by myself, then I will do it by myself.’ I like to be independent, I like to do my own thing and I like my solitary periods of time.

In the words of Chandler’s ‘quit-smoking’ tape on Friends, ‘You are a strong, independent, young women who does not need to smoke.’