Looking and applying for jobs is taking its toll on me. I know that finding a job takes time and effort but already I am feeling discouraged by the whole process.

I sometimes wish I could fast forward my life; even just a tiny bit. I want to know what my life will be like a few months down the line. Will I still be unemployed? Will I be living in Edinburgh? So many unanswerable questions coursing through my head right now. Nevertheless the uncertainty of life is what makes it great. It is the same thing which gives us spontaneous roadtrips and surprise parties, as well as the dread of not knowing.


I just filled in and submitted my first official job application.

It was a scary yet exciting process!

This will, of course, be the first of many before I find a job. I think it is finally dawning on me that I am no longer a full-time student, and I have become full-time unemployed.